Espresso is the first line of streetwear clothing focused on the theme of coffee.
The idea of Espresso is to produce only clothes on demand, thus avoiding saturation and waste of material, stockage and the "fast-fashion" culture.
Espresso seeks to raise awareness and educate about the universe of specialty coffee, talking about coffee varieties, origins, profiles and even everyday phrases around this culture.
My job as a designer was to create the logo, give indications about the visual universe and create some illustrations that the company will use in social networks, prints and marketing.
Based in Portland, Oregon
Branding: Saul Suaza
Art Direction: Saul Suaza​​​​​​​
Instagram: espresso.brand

For the logo I looked for an impressive typeface, strong, solid and easy to replicate. That it works well for printing and digital medias and that I also have a differentiating factor that is the letter O made longer and wider. The letter O evokes the top view of an espresso cup by the way.

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