Family and dedication building a passionate ecosystem around coffee.

Wekoffee is a specialty coffee brand produced at Medellin, Colombia, located south of Antioquia. With a dedicated and family-based operation, the founders ensure that their passion applies in all stages, from the selected exotic coffee fruits to the controlled fermentation and distribution in microlots, grains, or ground.

They approached us to help them evolve their brand and develop a new design system for their communication and line of packaging, seeking to conquer new national and international territories.

Our first move was to refine the original brand, correcting imperfections and simplifying its structure. We also updated the old logo, which gained a new look and became a seal of authenticity, from now on, being applied unattached from the wordmark.

The design system introduces a complete transformation in the visual language, elevating the brand with color and vibration. 
On the packaging, these elements are combined with a carefully thought-out information system to help consumers understand the distinctive characteristics of each product and what it has to deliver.

As Wekoffee's brand has evolved, it has maintained recognition with its local consumers and remained faithful to the heritage of its entire history. Supported by the new identity, this movement will help in its mission to continue building a community around coffee and a close, inviting, and more sustainable ecosystem.

PHOTO: Saul Suaza
This is a project under construction during this year.
Until now I did the illustration and art direction for this packaging. The packaging is designed to show Colombian culture in all its splendor, from its colors, shapes and cultural icons. The packaging was printed on recycled material and 100% compostable.
Wekoffee is a family owned coffee roaster located in Medellin, Colombia.
The next step will be the rest of branding applications in the roastery and coffee shop which is opening at the end of 2023.

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